Why Sex Is Important

Why Sex Is Important?

Sex can be lust or love, doesn’t matter but it is something that you desire. It is a part of your physical, mental and even emotional needs.

In India especially, sex is very much of a restricted topic to talk about, especially with older generations. Sex before marriage is a big no-no but then after marriage, it turns into a need to reproduce. But our generation is a bit different, virginity is not something you save for ‘the right one’ or your ‘husband’, at least it is a popular opinion. With western influence, sex education and society at large opening up about sex and sexual desires it seems perfectly fine to enjoy your sex drive with your partner or someone you share your sexual energy with. Majority of us equipped with words like one night stands, friends with benefits, casual dating, live in relationships and for minority, terms like threesomes, foursomes, orgy, cuckolds might be adventurous to try out or even practice regularly.

Our bodies are biologically trained to desire sex. With the release of hormones with the thought, touch, cuddle or massage from our desired partner. Our body starts preparing for sex automatically in response to these stimulations. Lubrication of vaginas, erection of the penis, increase in heart rate are a few noticeable signs of your body asking for sex.

Sex also plays a very important role in a healthy lifestyle. It benefits our body in many ways, it can also serve as a therapy for emotional and mental needs, and feeding your partner’s sexual need can help build trust and a stronger bond in a relationship.

Here are a few reasons why engaging in sexual intercourse is important for us.

Physical Benefits by Sex

It Builds Up Your Immune System

Research suggests that people having sex once or twice a week have more Immunoglobulin A in their saliva than others. Immunoglobulin A can be called as the superman of the body that acts as shield in fighting against bacteria and viruses.

You Sleep Better

Good night sleep is very important for your body to start its repair functions from damage done during the day by producing protein and sending it to cells. Combination of oxytocin and endorphins hormones realized in the body during orgasm, act as a sedative. Better Sleep helps to lower risks of heart attacks, reduces high blood pressure, contributes to your energy levels and efficiency, improves memory and even reduces risk of depression.

Reduction of Pain

Many women have registered lesser menstrual pain and decrease in cluster headaches by practicing regular sex. It can also help in increasing pain tolerance and pleasure and pain goes hand in hand during sex.

Sex Can Be A Workout

Sex can definitely not replace your regular gym but can be a good workout. Sex is said to tighten and tone abdominal and pelvic muscles and also help in bladder control for women by strengthening of muscles. Regular sex said to also make you look younger as it helps to realise of estrogen in a women’s body giving her a natural glow and smoother skin.

Increase in Fertility

Due to increase in immune system, studies show that it helps the fertilised egg implant into the uterus. Better immune system also prepares a woman’s body for pregnancy as the body is healthy enough to safeguard the egg and the body can provide the womb with required nutrients for nourishment.

Psychological Benefits of Sex

Self Image Improves

We are insecure about many things, physically and emotionally that we would like to improve in ourselves or are unsatisfied because we compare ourselves with others. Having someone accept you and love you can help in improving body image and increase self-confidence. Sex can pump up your spirits also because of the release of hormones. It helps to uplift overall mood and harbor positive emotions. Sex can be a fun activity with your partner where you can express yourself without fear of being judged by the other person. Opening up about your desires and wants in a safe environment can make you confident and ready to face the world with the ability to speak up your mind.

Helps You Grow Closure To Your Partner

Sex can be a very intimate session with your partner that can act as a couple’s therapy. Hormones that sex releases also generate the feeling of closeness with your partner in the form of cuddles. Often studies show that regular sex satisfying both the partner can create better bonds. Couples are more open to each other as sex also induces a sense of trust and security from your partner. Men often connect better emotionally during a pleasurable sex session.

Although as we age our sex drive declines but there are enormous amounts of equipment that can bring back fun and excitement in bed. Also, the fact that sex includes give and take, efforts put in to provide your partner with his/her fantasies or desires can induce the feeling of being loved and taken care by your partner.

Sex is not restricted to be male and female exercise; sex can be enjoyed by people with different sexual orientations and still hold the same importance. Arousal induces hormones in your body and it provides the same benefits to couples apart from just straight couples. Sex can affect relationships and can create a better bond between you and your partner no matter what your sexual preference is.

It is also important to understand that sex is not a necessity if you do not feel aroused. Sex is not a medicine you can pop up in your system for its health benefits or peer pressure. It is a choice and should be a free will. Forced sex or doing it without your body urging for it can cause a lot of pain and stress, associating the activity as negative by the body and mind.

Sex can thus be concluded as an activity for any sexual orientation at any age. It is something to fulfill the desires of your mind, body, and soul. But making sure to practice safe sex is always a priority to save ourselves from potential sexually transmitted infections and diseases.   

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