Who are qualified to become process servers?

To be viewed as qualified for a procedure server, an individual more likely than not achieved eighteen years old. As indicated by the guidelines referenced in Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, fundamental prerequisites to turn into a procedure server contrast dependent on locale. In certain government cases, the court has the sole right to arrange administration that is made by US Marshal or US Deputy Marshal named by the court. In instances of express, the sheriff’s office serves process on the litigant. Indeed, even proficient procedure servers are utilized for this particular errand.

What to do when your process service is contested?

A procedure by which a party to a lawsuit gives an appropriate notice of initial legal action to the defendant, administrative body or court in an effort to practice jurisdiction over that person to enable to respond the proceeding before the body, court or another tribunal. Regarding the appropriate process service, each jurisdiction has its own rules. The main role of process service is to inform the defendant about a pending action against him or her. We at Cameo Investigations provide Service of process in Greensboro, Winston Salem, and in High Point. 

There are numerous ways to serve the other party. You will not be able to progress with your case if the Service of a process in High Point or some other locations is not completed in the proper manner. There are various types of services available. Some of them are given below:

  • Personal service
  • Mail service
  • Service by posting
  • Service by publication

Who can be process servers?

To become a process server, each jurisdiction varies with individual requirements. There are the basic federal rules of this procedure; such as he is not an attorney or party involved in the case; the person who wants to be a process services, he or she must be 18 years old and various others.

There are a variety of legal requirements that must be fulfilled by the process server. The paperwork prescribed by the law must be served within time. After completing the paperwork, he or she must complete a proof of service affidavit informing the court about the people who were served, when service occurred, how the service was performed and where the service has occurred.

When the defendant contests their service in court, then the process servers occasionally encounter this situation. When the service is contested, a motion to quash is filed by the defendant which is mainly known by MTQ. The critical component of a case is when the MTQs essentially ask a judge to render the service inadequate or that it never happened because it affects the total result. Having a service of process quashed for the process servers is certainly imperative to avoid.


We at Cameo Investigations help you in providing the Service of a process in Winston Salem and other locations as well. We provide quality professional services at a reasonable price. We take your requirements to be unbiased, accurate and fair to all the parties very seriously. Get the Service of the process in Thomasville, Service of the process in Lexington NC from Cameo Investigations by visiting our official website.

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