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When to Hire a private investigator?

If you are looking for a Service of process in Lexington NC, then you can hire them via cameo investigations one of the best service provider. There are many business and personal situations in which the private investigator is must needed. Some of them are given below:

  • Child custody: Custody is one of the most contentious issues after a divorce between former spouses. The investigation of the custody of a child includes discrete observation, covert cameras, & GPS tracking. The main role of the private investigator in Thomasville is to check your ex-partner acts when they don’t know someone is inspecting.
  •  Find hidden assets: In this case, the investigator is hired if you think your spouse did hide assets as penalty or out of greed. He will help you in this case by looking for digital footprints of hidden assets, look into your spouse’s family and track down storage units.
  • Fraud: In this case, the private investigator is hired when you are not sure where the fraud stems from. They will help you in this case by looking at everyone and help pinpoint suspect behaviours.
  • Background investigation: In this case, the private investigator is hired if you are looking at a big business deal or hiring a key team member. The role of a private investigator, in this case, is for a thorough background investigation.

Role of the private investigator

The job of the Private Investigator in Thomasville, in Greensboro or in Winston Salem is to find proof of wrong doing or to make the situation right again. To perform his job, he gets useful information from witnesses and bystanders. He takes pictures, tails witnesses, keep an eye out for clues that others may have overlooked and searches buildings.


A private investigator in High Point is a private agent that engages in a variety of work such as the personal delivery of summons, subpoenas, process serving, and other legal documents to parties in the legal case. If you want to hire a private investigator in Lexington NC, then we at Cameo Investigation can help you in this. It is our goal to make our clients the best-informed decisions possible by seeking out all the facts.

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