What Happens After We Loose Our Virginity?

Virginity, a character certificate for the society with which it decides your Purity, Honour and Worth. Virginity has been a very serious topic since centuries, with its references in Folktales to Religious Books to even Culture and Customs. While being a big deal for the society, losing our virginity is also a very important event for our body as it changes both mentally and physically.

Individuals who are going to or have recently lost their virginity usually have doubts and misconceptions regarding sex and it’s after affects. We are here to answer some of these frequently asked questions that are related to changes in our body after experiencing sexual intercourse for the very first time.


Yes! Losing our virginity might be painful for most of us. For some it might be more painful as their hymen is thicker as well as very stretchable which disables the penis to rupture it causing pain while having sex.

In few cases due to less lubrication the sexual act might cause rashes due to friction with the delicate skin of the vagina. It is always advised to visit a doctor if the pain prolongs even after a day or two of having sex.

There might be a very small amount of bleeding due to breakage of the hymen but will stop within few minutes. In cases where the hymen has already been ruptured due to physical exercise or prior injury or when the hymen is thicker and stretchable there might not be any bleeding.


After the Hymen breaks and your Vagina has been introduced to the foreign object – Penis, it tries to accommodate an easy flow by lubricating itself. Although Vaginas are very stretchable, it might need two to three times for adjusting to sex. The Vagina does open up a little but doesn’t lose its stretch-ability or shape. The vagina might tend to self lubricate itself on arousal and it is important for painless and pleasurable sexual intercourse.

The clitoris and the vagina might also expand at the time of arousal and then close themselves afterwards. After experiencing sex the body is more aware and responds better on being stimulated by smell, touch, feel or thought.

Although, if the penetration was forced or rough it may cause some damage to the vagina. This is indicated by severe pain and discomfort even after sex. In this case it is always better to visit a gynaecologist who can help assess the damage better and recommend ointments to soothe the rashes or skin ruptures.


Temporarily, Yes! There is a high level of blood flow in the breasts because of sexual arousal which cause the tissues in our breasts to swell. This makes your breasts firmer and even bigger.

But you would not have to buy a new bra as breasts tend to regain their original size after some time. Although, your nipples would grow to be more sensitive and would tend to be erect and harden up on stimulation.


As the body transforms with overwhelming flow of hormones, there might be a delay in the normal time for your periods to arrive. There won’t be an increase in cramps or formation of blood clots during periods. Also, the flow or amount of secretion will not be affected unless you consume any contraception pills. Contraception pills have numerous side effects and should be taken after consulting your doctor for the very first time.

The delay in periods after losing your virginity does not affect your body and does not even indicate signs of pregnancy. However, it is always advised for use of condom while having sex which reduces chances of pregnancy, STDs and STIs.


Hormones are the main reason because of why you might feel an overwhelming flow of emotions. Due to ‘feel good’ hormones that body releases after sex, you might feel attached or in love with your partner. The overwhelming need to cuddle and love might surround you.

Although sometimes when we are dealing with a lot of mental and emotional stress due to cultural restrictions on losing your virginity or over thinking of consequences might cause body stress. This may lead to other symptoms like increase or decrease in blood pressure, insomnia, and delay in the period cycle. It is advised to talk to your partner or your doctor to normalise sex and eliminate mental stress.


Due to all the flow of good hormones inside the body, our Skin also tends to glow up. Like a highlighter on fleek, you might feel your skin glows due to abundance of happy hormones in your body. Oxytocin is the particular hormone which makes your feel that you on cloud nine.


Men, as they don’t have a wall or any protection that breaks when the loose their virginity, so their symptoms might just be restricted to fatigue or body pain due to release of sperm and exertion. However, they may also feel the overwhelming flow of happy hormones in their body and feel theflow of emotions especially for their partner.

As far as symptoms after sex are concerned, other symptoms like drowsiness, fatigue or body pain might be due to physical exertion and should not last more than 24 hours.

Like some rules are meant to be broken, hymens are not supposed to be an iron gate. Today, hymens can be broken due to physical exercises as well that doesn’t really require any penetration. Even though if someone’s hymen is already broken they may face the above mentioned symptoms after losing their virginity via sexual intercourse. However, it is important to understand that indulging in sexual activity should be done with prior knowledge, with protection and with consent of your partner. There should always be a close check on any signs or symptoms that cause suspicion and a gynaecologist should be concerned for any such issues.

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