Trajenta – Uses, Side Effects, Interactions

When we talk about any disease, the first thing that pops up in our mind is medications. We live in an era where diseases have become so common. There is a treatment for most of the diseases whereas research is going on for other diseases which don’t have a treatment yet.

Trajenta – Uses, Side Effects, Interactions

Trajenta is the common name of a drug linagliptin. Linagliptin is a drug which is used to treat diabetes. It is given in case if diabetes mellitus type 2. 

About the drug

The drug linagliptin is a drug-associated with a group of diabetic medications known as DPP-4 inhibitors. DPP- 4 stands for dipeptidyl peptidase- 4 which is a group of drugs used in treating diabetes. These are called as gliptin in common language. These drugs are used in cases where other drugs such as metformin don’t respond. These drugs are also preferred because they help in losing weight whereas earlier medications lead to weight gain. 

Linagliptin specifically targets hormone incretin. Incretin is a hormone which is responsible for insulin release by the beta cells of the pancreas in response to blood glucose levels. Linagliptin works as an enhancer to this function. It helps in higher amounts of the release of incretin. In turn, incretin leads to more insulin production, therefore, control of blood glucose efficiently. 

About the disease

Diabetes mellitus type 2 is also called type 2 diabetes is a chronic form of blood sugar. Diabetes is a disease in which blood sugar levels are higher than a threshold value suitable for normal body functioning. The exact of this disease is unknown but it is observed that some lifestyle and diet patterns can promote it. It is an adult disease although it is becoming common in children too due to obesity. In diabetes type 2, the body becomes resistant to insulin or it is not able to produce enough insulin to meet the body’s demand. 

Linagliptin is used in the second case scenario where the body can’t produce enough insulin. The drug has also shown the results in weight reduction that is one more reason why it is preferable. Diabetes two can also be genetic. Sugar is important and needed by our body. It becomes a problem when it doesn’t reach the cells in the body which requires energy and stays in the blood. This accumulation in the blood is diabetes and it is regulated and controlled by insulin. Therefore insulin plays an important role. 

Usage and prescription

This drug can’t be availed from the market without a prescription. Trajenta is used mostly alone when diet and weight loss can’t help with diabetes. People who have kidney problems can’t take metformin. In these cases, it is substituted by trajenta. Trajenta can also be given with metformin if the dose of metformin remains unchanged. Other medications such as sulphonylurea or insulin are given in comparatively low doses. 

A standard tablet of trajenta is of 5mg. The medicine is orally dissolved and works quickly and effectively. The reason why trajenta has been approved is its unequivocal capabilities. As compared to earlier medications such as placebo, trajenta has shown much better results both in combination with other drugs and alone. It’s the ability to work well is a reason for its widespread usage.

Linagliptin is the active component of trajenta. The tablets are red in colour and biconcave in shape. There are other components In the tablet which are of nonclinical importance such as starch, maize, iron oxide etc. One thing to be put into consideration while taking this drug is allergies. If a person is allergic to linagliptin, the drug must be completely avoided. This drug must not be given to any patient without a doctor’s prescription. It may be fatal to someone who is allergic.

Side- effects of the drug

When your body produces an unwanted response towards a drug intake, it is called a side effect. Side effects are present in almost every drug. They can be mild or severe depending on the patient and the disease. The mild side effects are usually overcome later but the severe ones may stay longer. Many of the side effects can be managed. There are 1% chances of side effects out of every 10% of the population taking the drug. 

Common side effects are 

  • Backache
  • Cough
  • Weight-loss
  • Strep throat
  • Weakness
  • Influenza
  • Headache
  • Diarrhoea


One of the major side effects of linagliptin is hyperglycemia. Hyperglycemia if mild can be managed but it gets severe in some cases. There are symptoms like drowsiness, weakness, blurry visions, fast heartbeat, sweating which turns problematic in the long run. Sometimes people undergo complete blackness in the vision. Results from different studies show the number of side effects by placebo and trajenta is almost similar. The drug trajenta is still in use because it’s positive effects outnumber the side effects. 15 out of 100 patients were found to be suffering from hyperglycemia due to the use of this medicine. 

Other side effects include having rashes in the skin. The skin starts peeling off. There are blisters and pus formation. Mouth sores and cuts are also dominantly seen. 

Prolonged use of these drugs can actively lead to pancreatitis. Pancreatitis is a disease of the pancreas. There is severe abdominal pain. Vomiting Is also persistent. Abdominal pain may not be continuous but the intensity is high. 

In cases of trauma, injury and stress the medications may be stopped by the professional. Medical experts advice at every point is important. This drug must not be taken in any case without a medical prescription.

It is also a popular observation that this drug leads to liver problems and reduced liver function. The drugs have to be digested and passed via the liver. The liver has to put extra efforts on digestion of these substances present in the medicines. It leads to weakening of the liver in the long run.

This medicine is strictly prohibited during pregnancy. The doctors generally don’t recommend it unless it is extremely necessary. Also, during breastfeeding linagliptin can easily pass through the mother’s blood into the child and cause serious problems for the child. 

Linagliptin, when used in combination with metformin, causes hyperglycemia in the same rate as that of Placebo according to a study. When trajenta is used with sulphonylurea the cases of hyperglycemia were seen to be increased. 

It’s unsafe to take this medicine along with alcohol. The warning is also clearly mentioned on the package because it may affect blood glucose levels in patients.

One of the substitutes of this medicine is under 5 mg tablet. The cost is also manageable and same as trajenta.

Maintaining blood glucose

  • Exercise: The benefits of exercise cannot be neglected. Exercise can help in reducing obesity and maintaining a decent weight. Weight is associated with diabetes type 2, therefore, exercise can help. 
  • Diet: Diet is an important part of the maintenance of diabetes. Diabetes is blood sugar. Blood sugar increases more by intake of certain drugs while it remains unaffected in other cases. A diet must be free of potato, rice and other starch and glucose-containing food. Sweets must be completely avoided. Intake of sugar in products must be limited. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind and life.

These two things must be followed to maintain diabetes. Sometimes these practices are so effective that there might not need to take medicine.

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