clean vaginal hair

Tips to clean vaginal hair 

Before starting the article I would like to say that this article does not emphasize anyone for removing. Having hair on your private parts doesn’t make you ugly. Rather, it depends on your personal choice. Always believe in yourself because everyone is born with some different beautiful elements and qualities.

Humans are the best creation of the Almighty God and women are the masterpieces of that creation.”  Women are differently and beautifully carved by the Creator. Thus the beauty needs to be maintained. Not only face, but the whole body should look attractive. It looks vulgar when your pubic hair come out of your pants.

However, removal of vaginal hair is a personal preference. Some females like to shave it off. Some love to get a bikini wax. While many don’t even care to remove it at all. On the other hand, some have creative preferences. They love to give it attractive shapes like a landing strip, Mohawk, postage stamps, Bermuda, Triangle, martini glass, heart, vajazzle, and so on. However, many females remove their pubic hair in order to make their secret parts appealing to their partners. In a survey, it has been found that most of the women don’t like to remove their hairs grown in the private parts. It is because they have got many injuries, cuts, harms, burns, etc.

Probably, women search for the easy and domestic method. Though many of them don’t know how to clean vaginal hair at home? Thus, a proper procedure should be followed engaging the right tools and equipment. In this article, we would discuss some tips or suggestions required to beautify the secret parts of the body by removing the unwanted hair.


There are different ways to get rid of the pubic hair like waxing, trimming, shaving, using depilatories, laser hair removal or electrolysis, and many more. Here are some tips regarding safety measures needed during following any process of hair removal. :

  • If you have a bushy hair on your private part and you prefer to shave it. Then first learn how to shave bikini line. You should use a perfect tool for this process You could get varieties of razors in a drugstore, but it depends on your intellect what kind of razor you are choosing. Buy a razor that matches your comfort level.
  • If the bikini area is gushed with long hairs, don’t go for shaving at once. Do trim them until they reach few centimeters in length. Afterward, bath or soak yourself (basically your private part) before shaving. This softens the part and makes the process easier.
  • Many women quit cleaning their pubic hair because they have no proper idea about how to shave bikini area without stubble. For them, this step proves worthy. It is strictly instructed not to use any scrub for exfoliation that does not suit the skin of your face or any product that contains microbeads. Brewed, cooled coffee grounds, a loofah sponge, or a soft, exfoliating mitt works better for pubic hair removal in between the legs.
  •  Now apply a considerable amount of shaving cream. It is recommended to use a safe and scent free shaving creams as scents and fragrances can cause irritation. Many prefer oil based shaving creams, but it may also irritate your skin and clog the pores. Shave in the direction of the growth of hairs as it prevents the ingrown hairs and red bumps caused due to irritation. Use gentle shaving cream and glide the razor smoothly over the tender skin area. Don’t put pressure to prevent cuts and irritation. Also, gently put your skin taut before shaving. Apply more cream if needed.
  • After moisturizing and patting dry, apply an oil-free, fragrance-free moisturizer. Don’t use anything that contains AHA (Alpha hydroxy acid) which is commonly used in many anti-aging lotions. Cotton underwears are preferable to be used, thereafter as it is breathable and comfortable. Change your blade at regular intervals. You could also use exfoliating pads.
  • Do many women wonder how to get smooth bikini area? As shaving has always been something pricky like a cactus. For them, waxing can be the second option. However, waxing can be something painful. It put us in confusion about how to wax bikini without pain. For that also we have some effective tips and remedies.
  • For smooth results, waxing should be done carefully and professionally. It is suggested not to wax a week before the arrival of the periods. Do it after the end of the periods, so that you will be prepared to tolerate the pain in the genital area.
  • Exfoliate your skin two to three days earlier before waxing to shed away the dead skin. Take a hot bath (tolerably hot) before engaging in waxing to open up the pores. Intake a painkiller before an hour of the waxing to avoid pains. Many use a cold compress to make the area numb that allow you to senseless pain. Some also apply ice cubes afterward to reduce redness and close the pores. Following this procedure in a right and smart way can give you a clear answer to your doubts regarding how to wax your bikini line.

Apart from these, one could also use epilators, laser hair removal and many other processes that could provide you a more hassle-free and smooth output. Nowadays laser hair removal is considered a better way than waxing and giving effective solutions on how to remove hair from the private area of female line bikini wax.

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