Speed Drug

Speed Drug: Effects & Health Warnings

Speed drug is a street name or common name of amphetamine. It is different than the normal drugs prevalent in medical uses. It is a drug with high stimulation capacity. Amphetamine is a stimulant which means that it is a neuroendocrine enhancer. In simpler terms, this is a drug which is used to increase the synaptic signaling in the brain leading to the enchantment of the motor function and activation of the body’s emotional center. These are psychostimulant drugs. Their function is to abnormally speed up body’s functioning that’s why the name speed drug.

Speed Drug: Effects & Health Warnings


Amphetamine is a white-colored drug. It is a paste or putty-like a drug in appearance. When looked closely it looks like small crystals. The drug can sometimes be grey or light pink in color. This drug tastes bitter and sour. It has no smell. It has no particular smell.

How to use it

Amphetamine can be taken in many ways. It can be snorted in via nose. This is the easiest and fastest way to feel the high and pleasure from this drug. The drug is immediately absorbed by the body from this passage and directly impacts the brain.
Filling it in the gums is another way. This way the drug directly comes in contact with the salivary glands in the mouth and again there is direct and easy absorption. This also leads to early and effective results.

Smoking amphetamine is also one way to take it although it’s less popular than the other ones. Smoking directly reaches the lungs and there is an exchange from alveolar sacs to the blood. The effects may be a little late but they are visible after 15-30 minutes.

Ingestion of amphetamine takes longer than all other ways because the drug has to pass through all other digestive mechanisms in order to reach the stage of absorption. The brain is affected a little later.

About the drug

Amphetamine is a speed drug. This drug comes under class B drugs which are seriously under strict orders and amendments for abuse. These drugs are only available on prescription from the legalised medical stores. The problem of illegal usage is so high that there are strict rules and 5 years imprisonment for amphetamine abuse.

Amphetamine is addictive in nature. This drug gives a momentary high to individuals for 5-10 minutes. This leads to a hike inattentiveness, clarity, lack of sleep and loss of hunger. Many people who have a tough or busy schedule use it to improve concentration or stay awake for longer. The biggest drawback of this drug is that its quantity has to be increased in every intake to feel the same amount of high and pleasure. This is the reason it becomes severely dangerous for people who are addicted.

This drug is made in meth labs or other scientifically approved labs by professionals. In illegal marketing, their production is done strictly under highly hidden residences or building. These drugs are brought behind the counter. They are expensive.

Due to addiction, some people keeps increasing the intake to feel the high. Slight increase each time. Eventually, this leads to weeks or days of no sleep and no food. This is an outrageous cycle. Whole body’s metabolism and processing are in abnormal function.

Medical uses of the drug

If used in limited amounts as prescribed, this drug has some important medical uses. This drug is majorly used to treat ADHD i.e. attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. This disorder has three major symptoms: hyperactivity, inattentive behavior, and highly impulsive nature. This is a chronic condition that remains for years or lifetime. This situation needs special attention. It can’t be treated. The drug amphetamine is used in low quantities to help patients suffering from this problem.
This drug may also be used in case of obesity treatment or in treatment of oversleeping disorders. Amphetamine is a sleep deprivation agent hence it can be used effectively to treat the diseases which involve excessive sleeping.

Side effects

The effects differ according to the mode of speed drug intake. When drugs are taken via injection i.e. intravenously there are effects such as rush which is a feeling of sudden sensation. In the case of oral and nasal intakes, the feeling of euphoria is common. Euphoria is different than rush.

Some other common effects are

  • Increase in body temperature: Drugs make body function abnormal and lead to many metabolic and neural changes which in turn leads to an increase in body temperature.
  • No sleep or insomnia: One reason why it is widely used by people is its property to keep people awake. The drug hits a centre in the brain which is responsible for sleep deprivation.
  • Talkative nature: People who take amphetamine loose control on their motor skills which include speaking. The motor area of the brain is no longer in control hence people talk more than usual.
  • Faster breathing: Drugs can induce breathing problems such as tachypnea which mean faster breathing. This is also shallow in nature.
  • Decreased appetite: Amphetamine acts as a hunger depressant. These drugs inhibit the body’s normal absorption mechanism and don’t allow the food to be absorbed. There is also an increase in metabolic rate. All this leads to decreased appetite and loss of weight.
  • Increase in heart rate: Because the speed drug amphetamine is a stimulant it leads to increased heart rate and blood pressure both.


Drugs which are addictive in nature have some serious withdrawal problems. Some of these problems are so severe that they may require help and support.

  • Anxiety: Anxiety is a feeling of helplessness and emptiness. It’s like a pit in the stomach, like something is missing. It feels like knots on the chest. People with anxiety have episodes of crying and unwell feeling.
  • Psychotic episodes: These are the episodes of delusion. People start seeing things which aren’t even there. They start acting weird and crave for the drug.
  • Sadness and depression: Depression is always there in patients with withdrawal. Depression is a constant feeling of sadness. People may sometimes feel an urge to kill themselves in this state.

It has been observed in a study that most parts of the brain and normal skills are reinstalled in the body normally after the withdrawal from drugs in certain time but there are some parts of the brain that still remain not- recovered. This is why drugs are strictly under law and prescription.

Mixture drugs

When amphetamine is taken with other drugs the effects may be different. In biology, there are two main effects i.e. synergistic effect in which the effects of two drugs add up to produce an even more drastic effect. All the symptoms may increase twice. The other one is the antagonist effect. In this effect, one drug inhibits the effect of another drug. This is like a subtraction in mathematics.


There can be numerous complications due to intake of speed drug. Some common problems are high blood pressure, anger issues, lung problems, liver cirrhosis or pancreatitis. All these complications can lead to severe damage to different body organs leading to permanent damage. If not treated urgently it can become life-threatening. Speed drugs must be avoided. They have harmful effects and should not be brought without medical prescription.

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