Psychological Disorders

Psychological Disorders

You might have heard of many celebrities talking about mental health.  These days it has been very much talked about issue as various famous people from all walk like entertainment, business, are confessing to the stress they go through due to performance pressure of unstable personal life. These disorders are usually associated with emotional and behavioral instability and everyone proves to its symptoms. When we look closely into the subject matter, we realize there is much more to them than what just caches the eye.

New developments to study the human brain and psychology are discovered on an everyday basis as it is much more complicated. What do you do, why do you do it or why do you feel that way are just questions that touch the surface of the deep sea of psychology. Some of them are associated with birth conditions and some are triggered due to life as we experience it.

List of Psychological Disorders

Here are a few common psychological disorders that are classified into different heads in order to categorize and understand them better.

  • Addictive Disorders – Abuse of drugs or addictive substances alcohol, meth, tobacco or even constant urge to play gamble are part of this disorder. Inability to do or take all these addictive items can even make the patients anxious and sometimes violent. There are effective therapies and medicines that can really help a person overcome these psychological disorders.
  • Sleep Disorders – Oversleeping or less sleep both contribute to ill-functioning of the body. These psychological disorders also include breathing related disorders like snoring; parasomnias like sleepwalking, sleep talking, night terrors and restless leg syndrome which causes movement in legs while asleep. The symptoms apart from unhealthy sleep schedule might be slow thinking, anxiety, memory loss or even loss of appetite.
  • Eating Disorders – Restricted diet or too heavy consumption of food is heard of, but many folds of this disorder also include eating till you vomit or even bringing up swallowed food in order to re-chew of re-swallow. Consumption on non-food substances like dirt, paint or soap; usually seen in kids can also be included in the same. 
  • Neurodevelopment Disorder – These are disorders that a are diagnosed during birth, infancy or during childhood. Usually, the development of the central nervous system is affected which causes problems in brain functioning, learning, and communication. Speech disorders like stammering, inability to pronounce words or sounds are also prominent under this head. Neurodevelopment can also affect as impulsive urges or hyperactivity on the unavailability of attention can also be included under this psychological disorder.
  • Bipolar and Related Disorders – Depression or overexcitement are two polar opposite that can indicate disorders in this head. Experiencing these symptoms can be exhausting for the person suffering the disorder and also for people around the person. It is medically treated and instead of losing patience, family and friends should get immediate advise and start the treatment.
  • Anxiety Disorder – Excessive everyday stress or anxiety about day to day work can also lead to a psychological disorder. Panic, Phobias or even separation anxiety are categorized under this head are there is anxiety triggered by things, animals, places, creatures or even social gatherings. It is very important to understand the cause or the root of the phobia or anxiety in order to work towards betterment. People try to face fears in order to normalize things but in acute cases, it is advised to take professional help. Things might get more triggering for the person if not handled correctly.
  • Trauma or Stress Disorder – A traumatic event like facing own death or death of a loved one or losing your home or being stuck in a natural disaster can leave a scar in our mind. Flashbacks from the event that occurred or nightmares related to the event can cause acute stress. Post-traumatic disorders are also included in trauma or stress disorder. The person facing a recent loss of relationships like divorce or recent unemployment can also result in stress disorder. There are ways to overcome these by seeking help from institutions dealing with stress disorders.
  • Dissociative Disorder – This can be a temporary loss of memory that can be due to past trauma. Disconnection from reality, or even personality disorders or even fabrication of events that never occurred are included in this disorder.
  • Somatic or Body Functioning Disorders – These disorders are related to the feeling of pain, inability to move limbs or feeling symptoms that are not physically present. Mental stress or anxiety over having an illness tends to develop a feeling of actual pain or symptoms. These are curable by therapy and mental exercises. 
  • Personality Disorders – You might have heard of names like a split personality disorder, but there is a lot more than this disorder includes. Anti-social disorder, referring to disregarding social norms and rules; an avoidant personality that refers to avoiding social interacting due to fear of rejection; dependency disorder; obsessive disorder and even Schizoid personality disorder where a person feels detached from a social relationship. These disorders tend to create a lot of stress and tension between relationships and hence take a toll on the person’s life who is suffering from the disorder.
  • Neurocognitive Disorders – These are disorders that are associated with either a disease or develop over a period of time. Medical conditions like Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease can take a toll on memory while Delirium is a disorder is a state of acute confusion that develops over a period of time.

Experiencing symptoms on close one can be challenging. But it is required to understand that these are everyday challenges faced by the person who needs care and attention. It is important to keep patience and provide the required care. Therapy and medicinal treatments can only work if there is an environment that is stress-free and friendly. A healthier and happier environment can help untreatable patients to even feel relaxed and improve over a period of time.

Many initiatives have been taken by scientists and psychologists to provide a regular lifestyle to the affected people. Many special schools and training centers help to provide care and build a platform where even after being unable to perform well in the social circle patients of the psychological disorder can contribute to the society and realize their dreams.  

All one needs is to be understood and accepted for the way they are. A friendly smile, some patience and an environment to include can bring about drastic changes. The right help at the right time with the right attitude can bring out amazing personalities. So when you feel someone is going through something you can relate to these symptoms, make sure they are able to get psychological help and a friend like you.

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