Proviron is a brand name of a medication. The medicine sold under this brand name is mesterolone. This is a type of over the counter drug. As its name suggests it is a steroid. 

Anabolic steroids are man-made components that resemble the male sex hormone testosterone. These steroids are also known as anabolic-androgenic steroids. Anabolic is a term which refers to muscle building. Androgenic refers to anything which leads to an increase in male sex characteristics. Steroids are the major active component of this drug. 

When we say over the counter drug it implies that these drugs can be sold directly to the customer without a prescription. They differ from a prescription drug. They can be brought from any medical store by any person. 

About the drug 

This medicine is a 1- methylated DHT product. DHT is a form of testosterone which is a conversion product. This resembles the androgen very closely and at the same time, it is unable to produce estrogen. This is why it is widely used for muscle hypertrophy. This approach doesn’t work out very well because of the body’s defense mechanisms against high levels of DHT. The body releases another enzyme which inactivates the activity of excess DHT. DHT stands for dihydrotestosterone. This is an androgenic hormone which is used by the body as a sex hormone. It is derived from various parts of the body including the brain, liver, skin, hair follicles, etc. 

The drug Proviron is a white-colored tablet. It is supposed to be taken orally. The tablet is marked with a hexagon inside. The average cost of this provironium 25mg tablets is 180 INR for 10 tablets. It has a shelf life of 5 years. This tablet must be stored below 30°C to maintain it’s active properties. It is recommended to take the drug only on medical professionals advice. 

Uses of the drug

This drug as it’s information explains is used for androgen substitution. It inhibits the estrogen. Hence, this drug has uses in hypertrophy too. 

The uses can be broadly explained as:

  • For the treatment of erectile dysfunction: Erectile dysfunction is also known as impotence. It is a problem in which an individual is not able to have an erection. There can be many reasons behind this problem such as muscle weakness or some disease. One of the reasons behind erectile dysfunction is low testosterone production in males. This hormone is needed for erection and coitus related activities. Proviron can help in the treatment of impotence. Proviron improves and increases the number of testosterone levels in the body, therefore, leading to better potency and erection. 
  • The gain in muscle mass: Muscle mass gain can be either bulky or leaner. The leaner muscles mass has low water weight and consistency as compared to the bulky one. Proviron is a drug that can help an individual achieve it. Proviron is a substitute for testosterone which leads to more protein formation, build up and content in our body. On the other hand, Proviron is an inhibitor. It acts as an estrogen inhibitor. Most functions in our body are based on receptor- signal binding system. The Proviron has a tendency to bind to the estrogen receptor. This enables the estrogen molecules from being attached to the receptor leading to no estrogen production. There are other mechanisms too which block the estrogen production with the help of the drug Proviron. Therefore, there is low water content and leaner weight gain.
  • Testosterone enhancer: Proviron is a steroid but it is considered as a weak steroid. It is not itself effective as a drug but it acts as a mood enhancer. Enhancer has the ability to increase some action in our body. Proviron is a testosterone enhancer. Testosterone is a male sex hormone which is in general state bounded to certain compounds. It is not effective unless it’s in it’s a free state. Testosterone is bound to sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) and albumin in the body. It is important that these binding components are let loose for testosterone to work. Proviron acts as a binding agent with sex hormone-binding globulin and leaves the testosterone-free. This is how it enhances the activity of the protein in the body and improve male fertility too.
  • Improves male fertility: Male fertility is a complex mechanism. It’s not completely understood yet but it is found that androgens and gonadotropins are somehow related and important for it. Either it’s infertility i.e. complete lack of sperm production that is required for zygote production or it can be subfertility i.e. low sperm production leading to fewer chances of zygote formation. Subfertility is more common among men. This can be treated with Proviron as it increases the testosterone levels which is an androgen. Although, it’s observed that an increase in androgen leads to decrease in gonadotropin. Therefore, it’s not that effective. It is still used in combination with other drugs for treatment. 
  • Used by Gym Freak’s and Gym trainers: With the change in time, everyone is more concerned about their fitness and well being. Most people go into the gym. People take protein to make a better body. Gaining weight before giving the body a perfect shape is an essential technique. Some individuals go steroids to make a good body in short duration. One of these steroids is proviron as mentioned earlier it reduces water weight and helps in leaner muscle mass and strength. 


Everything good has some side effects too. Side effects are any undesired effects that can be seen by the use of a particular substance. Although steroids like Proviron are relatively safe, there might be few side effects. Proviron is an androgen enhancer but due to body’s feedback band inhibiting mechanisms there’s never too much free testosterone. Proviron doesn’t effectively bind to a lot of sex receptors that’s why it doesn’t harm very much.

Some of the major disadvantages of using Proviron can be:

  • Infertility after withdrawal: It is very commonly seen that when people stop taking the drug there are infertility or libido movement problems. This may be because of the normal function of steroids and sex receptors is disrupted. These drugs are enhancer so when they are stopped, the system transitions back to normal which is not always good for fertility. 
  • No stable mass gain: Steroids may help gain lean body muscle mass with less water retention but it is not permanent. This is a quick and easy way. This is a temporary way. It is mostly used by bodybuilders or actors in order to deliver a certain specific timely demand. Taking steroids in the long term for the purpose of bodybuilding can disturb the body’s normal metabolism and again lead to erectile dysfunction or infertility problems. It is necessary to take proper and limited doses.
  • Pregnancy and females: This medicine must not be taken by females especially during their pregnancy period. It is an estrogen inhibitor. This is why it can cause such severe problems in females. Estrogen is an important hormone and is needed in pregnancy and female sexual activities. It must be prescribed by a doctor if it is taken during pregnancy. There are also chances that the drug may also affect the fetus. Extra care is required for it.

If there are any side effects they should be immediately reported to the medical facilities.

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