Irregular Periods

How To Overcome Irregular Periods Naturally

A girl hits puberty at the average age of 12 when her body starts to develop due to hormonal changes. With breast development to the secretion of estrogens in ovaries causing the menstrual cycle the girl enters her womanhood. An average menstrual cycle usually repeats in every 24 to 32 days starting from the first day of the period and lasts on an average 5 days. Although there can be some variation to the numbers depending on the individual.

How To Overcome Irregular Periods Naturally

However, due to some reasons, the cycle is disrupted. This can happen due to multiple reasons apart from pregnancy. But why are regular periods important? Well, during a menstrual cycle, the inner layer of our uterus, called endometrium sheds itself with which the unfertilized egg from the ovaries is discarded by the body. It acts as a cleaning process before the fertility period starts again. It can be referred to as an overall system that helps clean the reproductive system of a woman. The release of hormones during periods is also important for healthy functioning of our body. But when the periods are irregular, it can be a sign of one of these disorders:

  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) – It is one of the common hormonal disorders with symptoms like irregular periods, acne and excess hair. It causes the ovaries to enlarge by forming small cysts on its outer edges. It indicates growth high level of male sex hormones androgen or testosterone in a woman’s body.
  • Thyroid Disorder – Overgrowth or Undergrowth of the thyroid hormone can affect woman’s periods making it light, heavy or irregular. As the thyroid affects the major function of your body, like metabolism and heartbeat, it is important to keep a regular check on the same.
  • Cervical or Uterine Cancer – Cancer in the womb or uterine cancer can be detected by an irregular menstrual cycle at a very early stage. This makes keeping a regular check on the menstrual health very important.
  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease PID – It is a uterine infection which is due to transfer of STI usually Chlamydia. During the infection, damage can spread from the uterus to fallopian tubes to the ovaries making irregular periods as the first signs of caution. It can also cause bleeding between the menstrual cycles and also bleeding during sex.
  • Endometriosis – It is a condition when the lining of the uterus grows outside of it due to overproduction or irregular shedding of hormones. It can be very painful land can also lead to infertility in many cases.

Why does it happen?

Apart from irregular periods being a symptom of something going wrong inside our body it can also be a resultant of the following changes in our body:
Hormonal changes in teens, before menopause or due to contraception pills can result in irregular periods

Extreme weight loss or weight gain in the body can cause irregularity in periods.
Mental Stress can also affect the functioning of our bodies.
Eating disorder or not having proper nutritious meals can result in the irregularity of periods.

How to Overcome Irregular Periods?

With certain easy lifestyle changes or home remedies, one can resolve irregularity of the menstrual cycle. Some of these remedies might not have scientific data to back up their effect of the body but have proven to work for women over the past without causing any ill effect to the body.

  • Practice Yoga – Yoga can be a healthy form of exercise that helps to relieve stress in muscles as well as mental stress. 5 days a week for 35 to 40 minutes can help regulate periods and lower menstrual pain regulating hormonal levels in our body.
  • Maintain Healthy Weight – Being overweight or underweight can affect the regularity of periods. Overweight women are likely to have irregular periods, the impact of fat cells on hormones and insulin. Maintaining proper weight according to your height and built is important
  • Exercise Regularly – Exercising regularly is very important even if you have perfect body weight. Exercise helps in maintaining stamina and helps in the proper functioning of your body. Regular exercise is often referred to as a treatment for PCOS to control weight and regulate periods.
  • Ginger – It is a home remedy not proven by science but women have noticed it be effective in regulating periods. It can be taken with beverages as well as adding taste and benefits to your body.
  • Vitamins – Lower levels of Vitamin D can cause irregularity in periods. Doctors can even prescribe vitamin capsules when you discuss irregularity of periods.
    Apple Cider Vinegar – 15 grams a day of apple cider vinegar not only helps to cleanse your body and provide natural glow with increasing metabolism but also helps in regulating periods.
  • Pineapple and papaya – Are said to be the ultimate medicine to reduce cramps and headaches. It is also observed that these help to regulate periods over a period of time when regularly consumed.
  • Turmeric – It is a very popular antiseptic and antibacterial ayurvedic medicine, used overages. Mixed with milk, honey or jaggery can make it a perfect home remedy to regulate periods. Regular use of turmeric can help increase the immune system of your body as well.

All these remedies can help to solve issues related to irregular periods. However, it is very important to note that irregular periods can be symptoms to many other diseases. Professional advice is always recommended if periods are irregular for a prolonged period of time or are accompanied by other pains or bodily issue. Hormonal medicines or certain blood tests might be recommended to know the root cause of these problems.

It is important to take care of our body and understand its functioning. There are various period trackers available in the application store that can help you to check irregularity and even monitor contraception and mood swings. This is helpful for keeping a track on your body and referring them while paying a regular visit to your gynecologist. Healthy lifestyle changes and proper diet routines are very helpful for the overall maintenance of your body. Take care, keep listening to your body and stay healthy!

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