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How to increase your chances of having twins

Becoming parents is one of the biggest happiness moments of everyone’s life. The birth of a child is a natural phenomenon and you cannot control the possibilities of having a boy, girl or twins. But still, there are many parents who want twin babies in their life due to many reasons. Twins always seem unique, cute and have a better understanding of each other.

How to increase your chances of having twins

The main problem is that there is not any specific method to ensure that the mother will produce only twins. Still, there is some hope with tips and tricks that you will read in the below article. Before planning for a baby, read them carefully if you are ready to handle 2 children at once.   

Consume fertility supplements 

It is advisable for ladies to have fertility assistance such as vitro fertilization which enables the ovary to release more than one egg at once. Folic acid plays a very important role in this and the chances of having twin babies by 40%. Consuming Folic acid supplement with multivitamins will be helpful in that case.

Age factor

As women go older, the ovary automatically starts releasing more than one egg at a time and produce a higher amount of folic stimulating hormones. Generally, it is considered that women of 35 or more than this age level have more chances to produce twins. But in that case, most of the chances will be of non-identical twins. So if you want twins then wait for some years after marriage. 

Genetic history

If you wish to have twins after marriage then try to find a partner previous ancestors have a history of twins. It will definitely increase the chance that you too will have twin babies in the future. This is actually not so easy to find such kind of match but everything is possible in this online matrimony trending world. 

Dairy products consumption

If you are expecting twins, try to add dairy products to a regular routine in the diet. It is possible due to the insulin growth factor in the milk of a cow. it contains some hormones that increase the chances of twin babies development in mother’s womb. 

Wild yams consumption 

You can make a change in your eating habit by adding wild yams in a regular diet. In scientific researchers, it is proved that these yams help in producing multiple eggs at a time. To prove this fact, you can consider the example of African women who have much chances of giving birth to twin babies than any other region of the world.

Specific sex positions 

Here are some intercourse positions that may help in increasing the chances of having twins:-

  • Side by side 
  • Standing up position
  • Missionary Pose
  • Rear entry position

 Fertility drugs

There are some safe drugs which are directly connected with the chances of having Twin babies. After consulting your physician, you can consume them as per prescription. Here is a list of the ease of users:-

  • Clomid 
  • Parlodel
  • Pergonal
  • Humegon

Discontinuing birth control pills

If you are regularly consuming birth control pills then stop them right before expecting baby. When the body starts reproducing hormones, their level goes higher, consequently, the chances of twin babies slightly increase. 

Final words

In most of the times, having twins is just a coincidence but if you definitely wish to have twin babies then many methods available to implement. It includes some positions, age, drugs, and natural ingredients. After consulting the physician, one can implement any of these or multiple steps. The above 8 points will not ensure but increase the chances than normal circumstances. 

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