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Foods that cause gas in babies

Health is one of the major concerns for everyone because an unhealthy body leads to worthless life. Health issue becomes more important when it is about babies. They need special care due to many reasons like unsuitable climate conditions and inappropriate feeding. If you feed them without caring about consequences then the results may be undesirable.

There is a category of foods that cause gas in babies so you need to keep proper attention. Be cautious while you are going to feed your baby from any of these food items. Before discussing the foods, you need to understand the symptoms because babies cannot explain their problems by talking.


For breastfeeding babies, it is obvious to suffer from the gas issue of the mother is also going through this experience. Babies on mild cereals also face the same kind of problem and here are some symptoms that signify gas problem:-

  • Spitting up
  • Burping and belching
  • Flatulence
  • Boating
  • Insomnia or restlessness in baby’s behavior
  • Crying
  • Food sensitivity and allergies
  • Overfeeding
  • Excessive lactose
  • Transient lactase deficiency
  • Microbial imbalance

List of foods

From all the above points, it is clear that there are many symptoms that signify the gas problem in babies. One of the major reasons is different kinds of foods that cause gas in babies so you need to identify them. Some foods are the major culprits because they take much time to break down and release nutrients. Check out the below list and be aware if you are currently using them on a regular basis:-




Due to the composition of sulfur compounds in this nutritious vegetable, it is also not safe for babies to eat. You can easily notice the symptoms of gas on the day when the baby eat this vegetable.




This is a vegetable full of nutritious substances but for children, it is not a good choice as food. Broccoli is one of the foods that cause gas in babies due to its stems. If you still want to add in diet then only use the upper florets and leave the rest portion.




Whether it is for babies or adults, beans cause gas to everyone. Also breastfeeding mothers must avoid the diet of excessive beans in daily routine. Especially canned beans cause much problem than fresh ones.




Peas and beans cause a similar impact on the health of a baby and you can notice it as gas symptoms. This is one of the foods that cause gas in babies due to a high level of fiber which is hard to digest for a small child.


Carbonated beverages


Always avoid giving carbonated drinks to your baby because it contains many harmful substances. Fructose and sorbitol like components are liable for causing a gas issue in babies. Apart from that, substances like caffeine in carbonated beverages are also harmful to health.




Mushroom may seem as a good alternative to regular diet but also among the foods that cause gas in babies. Constituents like Raffinose and fructans are the reasons for the gas problem in kids. Do not avoid them completely but make a gap in feeding.

Ways to prevent Babies from gas issue

After discussing the foods that cause gas in babies, now it’s time to know the ways of its prevention. From the above list, understanding the symptoms have become very easy. Now here are some ways to prevent babies from the issue of gas:-

  • Always teach them to eat food in small bites for proper digestion.
  • Never feed the beans that are not properly soaked in water.
  • Guide them to chew every bite thoroughly before swallowing.

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