Food To Eat During Pregnancy
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Food To Eat During Pregnancy

When we talk out pregnancy the thing that comes to our mind first is a special relationship between mother and her child which no one can understand. During pregnancy, the feeling one mother has no one can ever have inside them. It is the most wonderful thing happening inside a mother’s womb. So to make the baby healthy and fit you should take care of your health and diet accordingly.

Food To Eat During Pregnancy

So here is the list of certain food items which you should take during pregnancy:

Sweet Potatoes

As during pregnancy a mother should take food according to her diet, sweet potatoes are rich in a plant compound named “BETA CAROTENE” which in result converts vitamin A in the body and it helps in the growth of cells and tissues in the body. Generally, every doctor prescribes a pregnant lady to take vitamin A up to 10 to 40%


As all of us know that eggs are rich in many proteins and vitamins which helps in the growth of the fetus. They help in developing the brain of the baby and resolves other health issues too. The more a pregnant lady will intake nutrients the healthy newborn baby will be because it is essential for a baby to be healthy.


Eating beans help in the growth of the baby and mother both, they are rich in proteins, iron, folic acid and many more things that are essential for a pregnant lady to take. Beans help to avoid constipation and other stomach problems too which gives the baby a healthy way to grow!

Whole Wheat & Grains

Fiber and nutrients are essential intakes for pregnant women and grains and wheat are rich in fiber and nutrients. They help in the proper growth of the mother’s body and provides all the possible nutrients inside the womb too to make the newborn healthy too.


Walnuts are rich in source of plant-based “OMEGA 3” which helps the body to stay away from diseases and develops the body and the baby properly. You can take walnuts in the daytime or in evening time like snacks and can consume them whenever it is possible because your diet will let your baby grow properly.

Lean Meats:

Lean meat is rich in proteins and is also fat-free, taking that won’t harm you and your baby’s health. You should take meat from a healthy place or cook it at home to avoid bacterial infections because it may create certain complications for you and your baby.

Proper Fruits & Vegetables:

You should always eat colorful fruits and leafy vegetables. Different color has different importance and helps in developing each part of the body and moreover eating healthy brings glow on the face and body. You can eat them like having salads and consume as many fruits and vegetables as you can.

More Amount of Calcium

Calcium is necessary to build baby’s bones and body and teeth properly. Pregnant women must consume a high amount of calcium. Many dairy products are rich in calcium and consuming calcium during pregnancy is very good for a lady to ensure proper health of the baby and herself.


Broccoli consists of fiber, vitamin C, vitamin A calcium, iron and potassium which are necessary for a pregnant lady to consume. They are rich in plant compounds and helps in building up the body and immune system too, which is directly provided by the mother to the baby. Broccoli also avoids constipation which is a common problem amongst pregnant women.

Fish Liver Oil

Fish liver oil is rich in omega -3, fatty acids, EPA and DHA which helps in growth of newborns’ brain and body. Many women lack vitamin D which is not a good thing. Fsh liver oil is rich in vitamin d and helps to make the baby strong and provide him the possible nutrients and vitamins. For further queries and better advice, you can consult your doctor.


 Berries are healthy for a pregnant mother as it consists of vitamin-C, fiber, and plant compounds, they are good for skin and immune system and keeps the mother and baby away from diseases and health issues. Berries contain both water and fiber and also a source of the increasing flow of blood in the body.

So these were some of the food items which a pregnant mother must intake during her pregnancy. As pregnancy is a stage a mother needs to be very careful about her diet because many products can harm you and maybe you are not aware of this fact.  A mother and her baby need to be taken care off properly so that baby must be born healthy and should not have any diseases in the womb or after birth, so always be careful about the kind of diet you are having.

Have a balanced diet always and happy baby care!

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