Food to Avoid During Pregnancy
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Food to Avoid During Pregnancy

Do you know what is the most important part of a women’s life?? Of course when she gives birth to a baby and becomes a mother.  So it is most important to take care of the mother and the baby during pregnancy. You should always be aware of what you are consuming and what you are going to consume. You should not have a careless attitude towards your consumption.

Food to Avoid During Pregnancy

So here is the list of certain food items you should avoid during pregnancy:-

Raw Sprouts

You should never consume raw sprouts as it may be mixed up with SALMONELLA i.e there might be bacteria inside them like the other vegetables, which is dangerous enough to consume. If you may consume raw sprouts it may harm the baby and your health too and can create certain complications too. 

Say No to Unwashed Fruits & Vegetables

If you are not washing the fruits and vegetables before you consume them, start doing it from now because if you are not then you are creating risks and complications for you and your baby. Unwashed fruits and vegetables may have bacteria inside them and bacteria can harm both mother and the baby. It is often said that if a thing like this happens then the infant can be infected with blindness or other diseases later on. So always consume washed fruits and vegetables.


It is a piece of very serious advice for pregnant women to say no to alcohol if they have an addiction to it! Consumption of alcohol can create complications and can impact the baby’s growth. It increases risks of heart and brain diseases and can cause the death of the infant too. So alcohol must not be consumed if you really want your baby to be fit and fine.

Say No to Junk  Food

As many of us are addicted to consuming lots of junk food, but when it comes to baby everything is fair. If you want your baby to be healthy and stay away from risks and diseases then you should say no to junk food! You should start consuming proper pregnancy diet adviced by your doctor and keep your baby away from certain health issues.

Unpasteurized Cheese, Milk, and Fruit Juice 

Unpasteurized milk and milk products have certain bacteria inside them that their consumption may lead to various diseases. It may cause various bacterial infections and it might leave the infant infected which may, later on, serve many should always consume pasteurized products because it is germ-free and turns out to be healthy for you and your baby.

Don’t Consume Restaurant Made Salads

The restaurant made salads have harmful microbes and they are not protein rich. Due to uncovered salads, it creates poisonous substances. Eating this type of salads during pregnancy may lead to food poisoning and may cause severe health issues during pregnancy. You must always consume homemade fresh salads and try to consume it immediately to let all the nutrients inside your body.

Excess Caffeine

Consuming caffeine in higher amounts is not healthy for your baby and you, it may increase the risks of miscarriage and mental health problems. Some researchers also reveal that consumption of caffeine in a higher amount leads to premature birth and certain complications during and after pregnancy.

Herbal Teas & Supplements

Consuming products like herbal tea and supplements may harm both the mother and the baby. These herbs should be avoided during pregnancy in order to ensure the proper health of the baby. You should consult your doctor before consuming any of these things and must take care of your diet properly.

Ignore Canned Food

You should say no to canned food because it consists of Bisphenol A (BPA) a toxic substance that may cause heart diseases, delivery problems cancer and many more diseases which may let the baby suffer. If you have a careless attitude about this then you are letting yourself in big trouble.

Nitrate Rich Food

Nitrate-rich food is no less than a poison to you. The nitrate you consume turns out into nitrosamines in the bodies and can cause unexpected risks and birth problems. Many mothers face the problem of cancer and abnormalities which may make the baby weak too.

Most of the times we are unaware of what we are consuming, but when it comes to baby and pregnancy you should always be aware of the food products you are consuming. A healthy diet may make your baby healthy and bring happiness into your baby’s and your life. But if you have a careless attitude and are not bothered about the harmful food products you consume you may face many problems while delivery and during pregnancy.

You should consult your doctor for better reference and have a happy baby care!

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