Penile Yeast Infection

Everything You Need to Know About Penile Yeast Infection


Ever dealt with a Red Rash or Shiny White Spots on your Penis? Redness, Itchiness, Pain or a Burning Sensation are few signs one should never ignore, as they might be alarming symptoms for Penile Yeast Infection.

Yeast Infections are more commonly addressed to females, but Men too can be affected by the same. Men are equally if not more prone to inhabiting a favorable environment for yeast to grow.


The main culprit of the Yeast infection is the Fungus called Candida Albicans. It is present in human bodies’ majorly in moist and darker places. The infection is a result of overgrowth of the Fungi, which can be caused due to multiple reasons. Easy lifestyle changes and keeping a regular check for symptoms can help to avoid the infection completely.

Penile Yeast Infection is not considered a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) but however, it is important to understand that unprotected Sexual Intercourse with an Infected Vagina can be one of the many common causes for the Fungi to grow.


  • SEXUAL TRANSMISSION – As discussed earlier the infection is not treated as an STI but being in direct contact with an infected vagina can cause the Fungus to be transmitted to men.
  • IMPROPER HYGIENE – Proper cleansing, making sure that any soup or secretion residue is not left on the Penis is very important. Use of unclean laundry or wet clothes for a prolonged period of time can also make a very cozy environment for the Fungus to reproduce itself rapidly.
  • UNCIRCUMCISSION – An Uncircumcised penis is at a greater risk of Penile Yeast Infection due to the presence of multiple skin folds can sometimes be left unclean and act as a home for the Fungi.
  • DIABITIES – High amounts of Sugar present in the Urine can also cause breeding the friendly environment for the growth of the Fungus.
  • ANTIBIOTICS – Anti-Biotics as the name suggests also work against ‘Good Bacteria’ in our bodies making room for Candida to grow when used for an extended period of time.
  • LOWER IMMUNE SYSTEM – Our immune system is the natural defense system of our body that helps to fight against germs, overgrowth or infections in general. But our immune system can be hampered by an illness like HIV, cancer treatment.
  • CLIMATE – Hot and humid climate cause constant sweat and can keep the genital area moist that can be prone to Penile Yeast Infection.
  • PRODUCTS – Lubricated Condoms or few body products can also cause for the Yeast to overgrow.


  • SMELLY DISCHARGE – Thick white discharge of fluids from the Penis that has a very foul odour.
  • IRRITATION – Discomfort while Sexual Intercourse, itchiness and uneasiness.
  • REDNESS – Inflammation on the top or sores on the foreskin.
  • PAIN – Burning sensation during urination or pain while pulling back the foreskin.
  • RASHES – Red rashes might appear on the foreskin that causes irritation and swelling.
  • WHITE PATCHES – Shiny white patches are clear sign of overgrowth of Candida and can confirm Penile Yeast Infection.


First of all, DO NOT PANIC! Penile Yeast Infection is not very dangerous and can be easily cured with the right treatment. It is very important to visit a doctor immediately if any or multiple of these symptoms mentioned above are detected. The doctor might generally prescribe an antifungal ointment and the infection can be treated in 7 – 10 days. It is also advised to avoid sexual intercourse during a penile yeast infection.

Avoid taking un-prescribed medicine as the doctor may suggest clinical tests and suggest best-suited treatment with instructions on how to keep the area clean and how to avoid any further contamination during the infection.


  • USE OF CONDOM – Not just when your partner might have a Fungal Infection but also Condoms can help prevent a lot of infections/diseases that our bodies can catch during sex.
  • HYGIENE – It is very important to take care of personal hygiene that includes regular and thorough wash on your genitals and drying them off completely after wash. Also, try and use intimate wash soaps which are fragrance-free and are formulated to be gentle to the sensitive skin.
  • CLOTHING – Avoid synthetic material when it comes to your undergarments. Our skin precipitates and requires breathable material to soak up the sweat like cotton, bamboo fiber cloth, etc. Make sure to use clean laundry and avoid undergarments that are too tight or provide any kind of discomfort.
  • REGULAR CHECKUPS – Regular checkups should be adopted as a healthy habit to ensure proper care and love is given to your body.

Sexual Health regardless of your gender is very important to maintain. Our bodies are designed to provide us with prior warnings before any infection grows to a point where it needs prolonged treatment.  Penile Yeast Infection is uncommon but when it occurs it can be very painful and irritating, it can sometimes cause scarring or foreskin and area can be re-infected if proper care and precautions are not taken.

When we practice the habit of self-care and make preventive measures as a routine we can avoid any form of discomfort to the body.

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