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Early Pregnancy Symptoms Before Missed Periods

Nowadays many people are unaware of the facts related to pregnancy and menstruation. If you have missed your periods that means you would have already covered a few weeks in your pregnancy. You can be pregnant even before your missed periods.  


There are certain changes which our body goes through ie some symptoms of early pregnancy before missed periods are as follows:-


There are certain changes in our breasts which are the symptoms of early pregnancy. The breasts start becoming larger and the dark-colored circles on the nipples also become darker and bigger. You can feel and see all the changes in your breasts in a week or two after conceiving. Some people get confused and related these signs to the signs of PMS. For further queries, you should consult your doctor and get a pregnancy test immediately.


One of the symptoms you may notice is tiredness or fatigue. Due to an imbalance in the level of progesterone hormone can make you feel lazy and tired every time. Fatigue can be due to many reasons like exhaustion, anemia and hypothyroidism so don’t assume anything before confirm with your doctor, and if you are pregnant then start taking your prenatal vitamins every day to keep your body and baby healthy.

URGE TO PEE every time

You may have the urge to pee frequently and especially during the night time. Your kidneys start filtering more blood and due to that, your bladder starts filling in a short span of time. This thing may happen to you frequently so you don’t need to worry about that it is just a normal symptom.


Due to hormonal changes in your body, you may go through some mood swings. These changes may happen due to change in the hormonal level which makes you experience different emotions every time. Best way to overcome these emotions is to take a lot of rest, do meditation, share your things with your partner and make yourself feel happy.


Many women feel thirsty due to increase in the blood volume. If you go somewhere outside you must carry a water bottle with you, in order to avoid unhealthy water. Excess of drinking water may make you pee frequently and will make you thirsty again. You must take care of these symptoms and take the needful precautions.


You may experience morning sickness in the sixth week of pregnancy. You will feel tired unhealthy and weak. Nausea may trouble you in the initial weeks of your missed cycle even before you are confirmed about your pregnancy. Around 75% of women experience nausea and this condition can be worse too. You must take care of your health properly and can try to make your hormones in a proper balance.


One of the worst things you may go through is constipation because the change in your hormonal level may affect your digestive system. Many pregnant woman complaint of constipation and suffer a lot. constipation is caused due to an increase in the level of the hormone progesterone.  To overcome this problem you may drink a lot of water regularly and do a regular exercise which may make your body healthy.


This is also one of the symptoms which almost pregnant women complain about. A headache is due to many reasons like fatigue, dizziness, sickness and hormonal changes. A severe headache can make certain complications and can affect the health of the mother too. In order to stay healthy and fit you must take proper rest, healthy food and enough of fluids to keep your body in a good condition and stay healthy.


Your food habits will change suddenly due to a change in the level of estrogen in your body. You may feel hungry anytime or you may not feel to eat or you may crave for something anytime. You cannot have control over your food habits but you can try to eat healthy food and not ignore your diet if you crave for something you must make sure it is healthy and fit for you.


Many women experience cramps in their body which may make them lazy and irritated. Cramps give us a sign that our menstrual period is about to come but many people get confused between menstrual cramps and early pregnancy cramps. These cramps are caused when the embryo implants into your uterus for further details and confirmation you must consult your doctor as soon as possible.

These were some symptoms of early pregnancy before missed periods. Many women are unaware of these changes which occur in their body and have a misconception between menstruation and pregnancy things. You must consult your doctor and discuss everything with him for better treatment and if you are facing any major problem which may affect your health you should take the necessary precautions too. Because health care leads to healthy living.

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