Breastfeeding Tips for Newborns
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Breastfeeding Tips For Newborns

After the baby is born, he needs mother’s milk to have proper growth. Many doctors recommend that a baby should be breastfed within the first hour he is born. Mother’s milk gives the child immunity and the courage to fight against many diseases. WHO says that a baby should be breastfed for six months.

Breastfeeding Tips For Newborns

So here are some breastfeeding tips for newborns:

Be Comfortable

This is the most important thing you should keep in mind while breastfeeding. You and your baby should feel comfortable, there must not be any irritation and problem while feeding your newborn. There must be a comfortable position usually about 45 degrees. If you still not feel comfortable then you should use a pillow for support and settle your baby properly.

Do It The Right Way

Many women are not properly aware of breastfeeding and they face trouble while doing that. The best solution to that is to search about breastfeeding or ask your elders about that. It is necessary for a mother to keep her baby in a proper position to make sure that the baby is getting proper milk and both of you may set yourself comfortable.

Be Aware Of The Signs Of a Good Latch

You should be alert of this thing that your newborn is latching well. If you have some sensation and movement or pulling on your breast, it means that your baby is getting a proper feed. Your baby will not swallow all the milk before it comes in because of the low volume of colostrum. You may notice your baby exhaling after he takes in the milk and that is a good sign to be remembered.

Don’t Worry About The Time

There is no fixed time for which you should feed your newborn. You can give enough time to your newborn to feed properly on one side and then can offer the other side. It depends on the baby whether he wants to take a feed from one breast or both breasts.

Avoid Smoking If You Do

As all of us knows smoking is injurious to health. If you smoke during breastfeeding it might disturb your baby’s sleep and make him unhealthy too. Many times smoke is the cause of the increase in the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and may cause respiratory diseases too. So you should avoid in fact quit smoking for your baby’s good health.

Eat a Balanced Diet

You need proper nutrition and a properly balanced diet before you feed your baby. You can eat small meals at regular intervals so that it ensures that the quality and quantity of the milk you are going to feed is perfect. Consuming caffeine in high amount is not good because the caffeine will pass along to your baby while breastfeeding.

Increase Your Milk Supply If  Needed

Sometimes your baby may need more milk, in that case, you can feed your baby more than regular days. You should always take proper rest and should be fresh so that you can give a proper feed to your newborn. But make sure don’t replace the breastfeeding with any other milk in order to increase the supply and don’t give any solid food to your newborn until 6 months of age.

Things To Be Avoided

There are many things that are not safe for your baby. You should always have a look at what you are consuming and what you are going to should not eat spicily and junk food as it may harm your baby and cause irritation, rashes, gas, etc. alcohol and caffeine are also not good for you and your newborn, at least while breastfeeding you should ignore that.

Consult Your Doctor Regularly

Do consult your doctor regularly and discuss all the things openly to him like the problems you are facing or if you are unaware of something. Sometimes hiding the facts may cause infection and it may harm you and your newborn both. You should always discuss health-related issues of your newborn baby with your doctor, sometimes babies lose weight at an early age which is not a good sign and it may affect breastfeeding too.

Having a baby is a miracle and feeding him is the thing that every mother feels special about. So you should always take care of the way you are feeding your newborn. If you are careless about these things your baby may suffer a lot. A newborn only needs warmth in your arms, security love and proper food that you can provide him by feeding properly. Because the mother’s who get this opportunity are lucky and speechless. So follow these tips in order to ensure proper breastfeeding to your newborn and make him fit and healthy just like the other kids are!

Stay happy and have happy baby care.

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